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Bot Features

Minimal Thought

You can think about your own stuff while we make the code for you.

Fast Service

We provide you quick service after orders.

Unlimited Possibilities

You can purchase a Tier or even make your own customized idea.

Type Based Design

We design after what package you decide to choose, pick what you want.

Clean Code

We will provide you code so you can host yourself, and everything will be strucurized.


Want to relax while your code is written, this is the perfect place.

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Bot Features

We'll provide every feature mentioned in the description of your package.

Keep us bookmarked

We'll be waiting here if you don't need us at the moment, keep us bookmarked on your browser.

Active Staff

We got Staff on around all the clock, you wont miss out on your chance.

Fast Service

Hey, the bigger package you're purchasing the longer waiting time is expected.

Worth it

You want to get something worth your money, then this is the place.

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Website Features

We're providing simple website intergrations.

Minimal Design

In our websites integrated with Discord we have minimal design.

Unlimited Posibilities

Hey, but if you want you can keep on building on to it!

Fast Loading

Our websites loads quickly, we can even provide you your own hosting.

Everything circulates

Discord works with the code which works with the website which works with Discord etc.


Customer Reviews

Well i got my Bot. And its running 24/7 so its Not a Scam


Thank you so much, it's running 24/7 a clock and code seems to be perfect fitting.


I still enjoy this bot :wink: - Awesome work


Thank you, it worked much better than I though, far over my expectations!

Super Animal Royale

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Choose Your Package

Tier 1


Kick, Ban, Clear, Help, Say, Embed commands and Warning System + Simple Logging (For warning System and other)

(Most Bought)

Tier 2


Tier 1 + Mute, Unmute, Tempmute, Lockdown, Unlock, Unban, Userinfo, Botinfo, Serverinfo, Invite bot, better logging

(Most Recommended)

Tier 3


Tier 2 + Setprefix, Setlog, Softban, Setup, Reboot, Servers, Temp-blacklist, Eval, Getname

Tier 4


Tier 3 + Advanced help, Safety/Support, Advanced Setup, Server Invite, Checkme, BanID, Text on mention, Text on dm, Member Join Status Logging, Advanced logging for various stuff

(Most Value)

Tier 5


Tier 4 + Advanced Config Panel, Online Dashboard, Adblock, Admin role, Mod role, Auto-role, Ban DB, Caps portection, Swear protection, Ability to sell bot



This packages is customized and will include whatever you want, head over to Discord to descuss price.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Instant?

We're sorry to say this, but nothing will be instant, since we're coding everything to your behavior and purchase.

You will have to wait, and you'll recive your code/package whenever it's ready for you. We're sorry that we still cannot provide you a better solution for this.

Well, you can get a free if you head over to our Discord @ https://discord.gg/QZYbRM and you can get invite rewards there.

Hey, you can watch one of our videos online for each Tier if you've purchased a Tier. If you chose a Customized order please speak to one our developers in Discord @ https://discord.gg/QZYbRM.

Well, if you'd like to learn how to code, head over to our channel "Planet Development" or join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/QZYbRM.

Hey, again. Head over to our Discord @ https://discord.gg/QZYbRM and we will se what we can do in your favour to fix your problem. :)

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